About Us

Bos Beauty spa

Bos Beauty Spa is committed to creating an exceptional experience for each guest. From champagne and wine, too luxurious throws and customized  treatments, our goal is to surpass all expectations and to help you escape to a sanctuary of indulgence and relaxation. Our staff is dedicated to make your visit spectacular.


BOS Beauty recognizes each guest, each face, each body is unique. We  customize every treatment to meet your individual needs and deliver the benefits you seek. No luxury is spared in our guest to create unparalleled results and experiences.

Signature selections

For guests who desire locale-inspired experiences, BOS Beauty Spa  offers an exclusive selection of treatments featuring techniques and ingredients.

Our signature treatments bring the luxury of natural beauty to your spa experience. Embrace the fresh ocean breezes and glamorous fashion with a true escape of indulgence and relaxation - the ultimate time for yourself to improve your sense of well- being and feel completely rejuvenated.